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Don’t worry about switching off or switching on devices big and small. Let our IoT and Blockchain enabled smart agent handle it in an automated and secure manner using our proprietary technology.


Dedicated web and mobile applications for DNO and customers respectively, for effective engagement and communication


Smart Contracts
Blockchain enabled Price and Capacity contracts, with customizable penalty terms for deviation
Pre-publish, Post-publish, Counter bidding, Performance tracking and Customer management modules
Targeted communication between consumers and DSO
Operational and Financial reports for DR performance tracking
Web app for DSO and Mobile app for consumers
Smart agent triggered control actions for ADR
Modular product design for improved flexibility.

User Stories

Utilities need to approach DR programs fully equipped. They need to deploy smart grid technologies and tap into demand-side resources to enhance grid reliability in a way as to enhance adoption of grid edge resources as regulations evolve

DSO observes, there is an opportunity to increase demand in the nights. DSO can effectively shift the demand to this off-peak time by scheduling a DR event and targeting EV owners, C&I customers. DSO has the flexibility to alter the prices as per requests from customers. In this way, DSO can increase its earnings and customers get better price deals.


DSO adds eligible customers to the system and sends notifications to set up and participate in future DR Events.

An EV owner receives notification from DSO to set up the profile, and participate in the event. EV owner downloads ‘Peer Energy’ application, adds all relevant energy assets. He also chose to participate in a DR Event scheduled for the later time in the evening. EV owner has been incentivised by the grid operator for grid friendly energy consumption behavior


Acquire Customers
Reduced friction& improved transparency creates greater value to customers today & in future
Seamless integration
One click integration with smart grid hardware & registration on Blockchain
Realtime validation and settlement
The trades are validated and settled in real time using Blockchain
Capture local value
Get rewarded for the full value of your resources, wherever they’re located
Effective execution
Steamlined workflows & automation significantly improves event management
Extensive reporting
Find out what has happened to your energy resources & bids in detail.

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