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Accurate unit level forecasting enables you to better plan and manage your energy needs in an intelligent manner. You can be at peace knowing exactly how much surplus or shortfall of energy you may have in the next week and can secure energy in one click on the ‘Peer Energy’ platform.


Seamlessly connect your smart appliances to the Smart Agent and manage them efficiently through the ‘Peer Energy’ platform.


Seamless one step consumer onboarding process
Unit level demand, generation and price forecasting
Trade Management
Blockchain based trade tracking & order management
Trade Moderation
Network operator can perform trade moderation
Smart Contracts
Blockchain enabled price & quantity comtracts, with customizable penalty terms for deviation
Modular product design for improved flexibility.

User Stories

Smarter grids can only get as smart as its consumers. Let us see a few user stories on how consumers can use our Peer ENergy (TM) solution to engage with other consumer and optimally manage their energy needs.

Sunshine school has 160KW of solar generation caters to the academic and administrative buildings. During summer months when the school is on vacation, there is ample solar generations but very little consumption. This excess energy assets gets net-metered and the grid operator offers a very low feed in tariff, which is not attractive. The management is looking at options to maximize the value of the energy assets on campus. They post the surplus energy on ‘Peer Energy’ platform and find interested buyers offering attractive price for their energy. This is a win-win situation


With the rapid electrification of the transport sector, there is an ever-increasing demand for clean and environment-friendly recharge options to charge electric vehicles. Fortunately, there are prosumers who can offer their surplus solar energy, thereby providing cleaner options for other consumers. ‘Peer Energy’ platform helps these peers to trade energy in a safe and secure manner using the existing grid infrastructure. The source of income is confirmed through Blockchain.


Flexible participation
Participate where, when and for however long you like.
Seamless integration
One click integration with smart grid hardware & registration on Blockchain
Realtime validation and settlement
The trades are validated and settled in real time using Blockchain
Capture local value
Get rewarded for the full value of your resources, wherever they’re located
Blockchain technology assures that you get energy from the source you choose
Extensive reporting
Find out what has happened to your energy resources & bids in detail.

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