Transactive Energy Solutions

Our team has a good understanding of the Energy Sector and has hands on experience in delivering solutions using Energy Internet technologies (IoT, Blockchain, AI/ML). With the availability of Smart Grid infrastructure, mainstreaming of Electric Vehicles and emergence of foundational Energy Internet technologies, we foresee major disruptions happening over the next few years in the Transactive Energy area. Globally, the Energy sector has reached a tipping point, similar to where telecom sector was around the turn of the century. It is an opportune time for early adopters who can take note of the technical advancements and come up with innovative business models in order to get a head start over others before mass adoption begins.

Electric Vehicle Consulting

We have a very good understanding of the technological trajectory in the E-mobility area, and the interesting approaches followed by stakeholders in different geographies in making the transition from ICE to EVs. We have conducted several market studies and have substantial knowledge, understanding and network of stakeholders in the EV ecosystem. With this knowledge, we are confident of providing you with a clear and accurate picture of the any EV market globally. We also worked on evaluating the feasibility of setting up manufacturing and assembly of EV 2 Wheelers in India, and have helped companies in identifying the right vendors for their needs.

Market Studies & Business Strategy

We have very strong experience in conducting market studies and performing socio economic and statistical analysis of the survey data in order to convert the data into meaningful insights for the end consumers. Unlike other players in the field, we have extensive experience of market segmentation and collecting primary data through one on one surveys, and have so far conducted interviews with over 10,000 individuals and populated over a million data points.

Renewable Projects

We work with an extensive network of Distributed Energy providers who can provide technically superior solutions combining, solar, wind, storage and microgrids for optimally meeting your energy needs. Please drop us a note on the contact us page so that we can get in touch with you on the same.